Kick Enhancers

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Our exclusive Kick Enhancers kit includes over 150 professionally crafted, high-quality one-shot kick enhancer samples. Layer your kick drums with these enhancers to really make your kicks pop out in the mix. To hear a demo of some of these kick enhancer sounds scroll down to the Description tab and click the play button.

File Info: 152 Files – 8 MB – 16-bit 44.1 kHz WAV format

License: 100% Royalty Free

Delivery Method: Instant Download

Additional Details & Demo: See Below

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NOTICE: This kit is NOT software. Our kits are audio files in a zip/compressed folder. There is nothing to install. Just download and unzip the folder to access the audio files. For more info, click the "Download Instructions" tab above.


Click the play button below to hear few sample sounds from this kit.


152 One-shot Single Hit Kick Enhancer Samples – Layer your kick drums with these enhancers to really make your kicks pop out in the mix

100% Royalty Free

16-bit 44.1 kHz WAV format

152 Files in Total – 8 MB

Instant Download!

Sample Breakdown:

  • Kick Enhancers
  • Stompers
  • Support Tails
  • Top Kicks

Engineer Tip:

Try reversing the phase each time you load up a new kick enhancer. Flipping phase usually makes a noticeable difference when layering kick drums on top of each other.


Kick Enhancers kit samples are WAV files that are compatible with majority of DAWs (ProTools, Reason, FL Studio, Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Studio One, etc.). After unzipping the kit, you can import these files directly into your DAW of choice.

Download Instructions

After purchase, you will receive download link(s) to you kit(s). Please follow instructions below for quick and easy access to your kit files.

  1. On the Order Confirmation page, scroll down and click the black download button(s) with name of the kit(s) to start download process.
  2. Wait for download to finish.
  3. After download finishes, navigate to location of the download (usually in Desktop, Documents or Downloads) and unzip by double clicking on it. Now you will have a new unzipped folder (with same name) and can access all the files inside it.

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